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Our platforms and tools

C# Powerpack

A web-based, powerful design and code generation platform with an intuitive methodology that helps you create .NET web services and Web APIs in a jiffy.

PHP Powerpack

A web-based, easy-to-use design and code generation platform that helps you build PHP-MySQL web services and publish RESTful APIs effortlessly.


A simple yet powerful web-based utility that helps you extend MS-SQL Server stored procs as RESTful APIs. Ideal for developing opportunistic .NET applications and extensions.

Our products



Using the ubiquitous 'chat' metaphor, easyQueries helps experts offer 'free' or 'paid' consultations to prospects and customers on the web. Experts can instantly create a new revenue channel while easyQueries seamlessly handles customer fees and bank settlements.

Our Team

About us

We aim to create the coolest development tools and applications on the web. We've fixed a few links in the software development process that have remained broken for a very long time. With this, we want to create and also help 'you' create the highest quality applications in the shortest possible time.

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